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Why the **** is this Happening?


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  • Why the **** is this Happening?

    This replaces my "Revolution of Man" song. Started from scratch. But used the chorus again.

    I don't normally curse in songs, think its generally poor taste. BUt I will make an exception in this case.

    I know I have to work on melody some.

    Recorded on my handheld mp3 to get some feedback on lyrics.  I know I am a simple rhymer.

    Why the **** is this Happening?
    (c)2013 Rick Dieffenbach

    Two old people sitting down for dinner
    Both of them tired, both of them  thinner

    They lost their pensions in the bust
    Thought there were people they could trust

    Their cutting their pills to save a buck
    To pay for the heat before its cut

    All I want to know is why the **** is this happening

    The parties in DC can't get a long
    So I'm dedicating my simple song

    To the Republicans and Democrats in charge
    Which we could float them away on a barge

    and if you want to have a better life
    throw out the left
    And toss out the right
    In the middle where we can see
    Young people on the unemployment line
    Looking for a job that they just cant find

    While the politicians skillfully lie
    And line their pockets on the side

    How did we get bogged down in the muck?
    How did we elect politicians that suck?

    All I want to know is why the **** is this happening


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    I have to admit to prefering the "Revolution" version, it was for more satisfying melodically.  Is that the ultimate plan and this is just a demo?  If not, I hope you veer back and try to format this lyric (if it is your desired direction) to that arrangement.

    FWIW, I was never bothered by the vague lyric and the contrast between "revolution" and the somewhat tame chorus.

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    LCK - 2/21/2012


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      [on the topic of language restrictions and robo-censors]

      As I'm sure you guys understand, I am chagrinned by the fact that this forum can no longer deliver artistic freedom of speech to its users. I'm sure we've all heard that the corporate owners' management has decided to refocus Harmony Central as an educational resource for young people.

      Of course, HC always allowed users as young as 13 to register -- which was one of the reasons reasons why the SW forum as it previously existed did have rules about basic propriety and civility, but made special allowances for non-PG threads where full artistic freedom of speech was allowable in the lyrics as long as the thread was properly content marked. (Which, of course, is difficult-to-impossible now because the thread titles only permit a few words,(

      At any rate, the robo-censorship, as I suggested to management before its institution, does, indeed make it difficult at times to give constructive critique. 

      Sadly, this is simply another facet of HC's current operation over which users and moderators have no control.




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