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2014 American Songwriting Awards


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  • 2014 American Songwriting Awards

    Hello Harmony Central Friends, 

    This is a great forum! Happy to be here. 

    Just to give you a bit of a background about us:

    The American Songwriting Awards is an annual, international contest and awards event for songwriters and musicians held live each year in Las Vegas. The mission of the American Songwriting Awards is to help launch the careers of talented artists and provide an international platform for their work to be recognized. ASA is designed to promote excellence and standout achievement in the art of songwriting. 

    We'd love to hear your music. Visit us for more information: www.americansongwritingawards.com



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    I'm not paying you $25 to listen to my song.  If you really want to hear our songs, hang out, and follow some links.  They're out there.





    • nat whilk II
      nat whilk II commented
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      Ok, so basically we have someone from Las Vegas telling us we have a chance to win something.  But first we have to give them some money.


      This is beyond a doubt the strongest deja vu experience of my LIFE....


      nat whilk ii

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    Now all your streams will come with pre-enhanced bass and extra limiting.
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