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Soundcloud Theft?

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  • Soundcloud Theft?

    Quick song I posted yesterday just ended up on someone else's page. New to sound cloud but it's really weird. It also has Lee Knight's name attached to it, anything fishy going on here?


    Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 9.44.04 AM.png

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    How odd


    People can add your song to thir page simply by favouriting it I think, it should NOT change the title though.


    Lee Knight is someone that posts here and posted on your thread about the song


    Not sure how his name got attached to it but maybe private message him on here incase he doesn't read this thread


    Odd one.


    • stickboymusic
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      Editing a comment



      looking at it again


      The song is still under your name, they have just created a "set" with the title "love to you Lee Knight"


      if someone was to play it then it will still be linked to your accound and will show up as a play on your stats


      The lee knight ref may just be a coincidence to our lee knight