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    I need a score editor.

    How is Notion 4 ?

    Can't find any demo.

    How is formating, engraving, staff-breaks, staff-sizes and all the things related to printing sheets?

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    Nobody used Notion?
    G-Sun.no | MyAudioBlog | Bandcamp


    • blue2blue
      blue2blue commented
      Editing a comment

      Hey, G-Sun...

      Just didn't want you to feel ignored. Unfoturnately, I'm not a notation oriented kind of guy. (I can parse it very, very slowly. But it looks like chicken scratches to me on the page and always has. It just scrambles my brain to look at notation.)

      I'm afraid that a lot of us in this forum are more self-taught and tend to have less than ideal notation comprehension. 

      We have had some scoring/orchestration oriented folks in here from time to time but I'm afraid the critique process here seems to work a little better for lyric-based work. Which is not, at all,  to suggest we won't try to give you the best critique we can, of course.


      Anyhow, this'll bump the post back up and maybe if there's one of our more notationally literate members around with experience with notation software, they'll catch sight of it.  wink.gif 

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