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Cleaning Up & Clearing Out - Straps, Straps & more straps


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  • Cleaning Up & Clearing Out - Straps, Straps & more straps

    As a gigging musician, one tends to buy things here and there for a one-time use and forget about them. For your perusal is a listing of 30+ straps I have purchased and am no longer in need of. Pictures will come as time allows, if you are interested in any before they are up, please PM me. Shipping costs will be determined on a per-purchase basis. All straps are in excellent to like-new condition unless noted otherwise.

    SET A
    $35 DiMarzio Black Leather Cliplock Strap (screws not included- $60 new)
    $30 Levy's Burlap & Hemp Natural colored 2-inch strap ($50 new)
    $30 Peavey 3-inch leather bass strap with embroidered pattern stitched on top (about $50 new)
    $25 Fender Leather F7GP guitar strap (valued at $50 new)
    $20 LM Padded 2.5-inch Brown leather-like padded acoustic strap ($35 new)

    SET B
    $20 Levy's 2-inch leather strap model MSS7GP-BLK ($35 new)
    $15 Planet Waves 1.5-inch Poly strap featuring Golden Dragon embroidered design (rare, I have never seen another)
    $15 Levy's 2-inch heavy duty poly/nylon black strap with red/org flames (around $25 new)
    $15 Planet Waves Locking strap with black/gray tribal motif ($25 new)
    $15 LM Padded 2.75-inch with Chili Peppers motif ($25 new)

    SET C
    $12 DiMarzio Cliplock strap standard model- black (4 of these are available, no screws included. $20 new)
    $12 Levy's Cotton strap with leather ends - black ($20 new - current model)
    $12 Early Levy's cotton black 2-inch strap with leather ends ($20 new)
    $12 Thin suede Franklin-style acoustic strap 2.5-inch black/gray reversible ($30 new - has a great broken-in feel but colors not everyone's cup-o-tea)
    $10 Onori KC1 Tribal Poly/Nylon 2-inch strap ($18 new)

    SET D
    $10 Planet Waves Padded Nylon bass strap 3-inch Black ($18 new)
    $10 1960s leather and cloth embroidered pattern 2-inch guitar strap - brown
    $10 Planet Waves J.Garcia "Blue Waves" strap ($18 new)
    $10 Onori Olive Drab Nylon 2 inch strap. Leather ends (more wear on strap button holes but still stays on great - $25 new)
    $10 Planet Waves (Satriani? Garcia?) 1.5-inch cotton strap with blue motif (around $20 new)
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    SET E
    $10 See-thru clear acrylic(?) acoustic-style from Main Strap Connection (up to 42 inches long)
    $8 Fender vintage-look spaghetti strap ($??)
    $8 Fender Stitched Black Logo Strap (about $15 new)
    $8 Fort Bryan Strap 2-inch black with silver spider web design (about $15 new)

    I also have 4 or 5 basic black nylon/poly straps (2-inch) starting at $3 each
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      Planet Waves (Set D far right) sold
      It doesn't get any better than this