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FS: Sinbucker LT pickups, effect pedals (MXR, Fender, Behringer)

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  • FS: Sinbucker LT pickups, effect pedals (MXR, Fender, Behringer)

    I have a set of Sounds of Sin Sinbucker LT pickups.  Black/white.  The bridge measures 11.4k and the neck measures 9.8k.  $55 a piece or $100 for both.

    MXR Zakk Wylde Overdrive - $60 shipped

    Behringer Ultra Shifter - $40 shipped

    Fender Starcaster Chorus - $20 shipped




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    <b><font size="+2">SPAM:</font></b><br />
    Peavey 4x12MS - unloaded - $90<br />
    Schecter C1 Plus Transparent Blue with JB/59 pickups - $300<br />
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    <b><font size="+2">WANTED:</font></b><br />
    Seymour Duncan Custom/59 or Custom/Jazz set (zebra)<br />
    Dimarzio AZ/AN set (zebra)<br />
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    trade pickups for a set of prs 245's..?

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