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LF: Strat AND tele parts

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  • LF: Strat AND tele parts

    Hello y'all

    I've got enough strat/tele bodies as is, and I'm itching to build guitars with the ones that don't sell.

    So what I would like:

    - necks

    - pickguards

    - trems

    - tuners

    If anyone has these in bulk or just want to unload their parts bin, please get in touch! I'm not exactly looking for super expensive high end parts, but budget or reasonably priced quality parts would be awesome! I'll PayPal, or perhaps I can trade you one of my bodies


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    I picked up some Tele parts today, can get a pic if you want. Tortoise pickguard, Tex Mex pickups, full control plate with knobs.
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    • dmc69
      dmc69 commented
      Editing a comment

      Interested in all three. Pics would be great, thanks!

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    I've got a VG condition '92 MIM tele neck in maple with OE Fender tuners.

    I have an '04 MIM Jazz Bass neck with tuners

    I have a Might Mite maple strat neck with kluson tone pro locking tuners.

    I also have a couple of tortoise strat pickguards, some schaller black tuners,  a 2-point strat tremolo/bridge

    I want to move everything.

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