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trade / sell - Pedals / attenuator / pedal board / rack case


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  • trade / sell - Pedals / attenuator / pedal board / rack case

    Morley GL Tripler Like New, never left my studio

    GFS Greenie Classic Tube Screamer clone with JCR4588 chipset like new

    Modtone Chorus like new

    Tom Scholz Power attenuator  / power soak - works great! vintage 1980's

    SKB PSB 3 space rack with pedalboard hard case, REALLY cool setup


    What am I looking for? Pickups (SD HB's JB, RTM, Custom 78, Custom, Full Shred)

    Single Coils for a strat project Duncan, dimarzio, lace etc

    12ax7 tubes used or new (older, not new manufactured please)

    6550 power tubes



    Strat body mij preferably, loaded strat body (dont need a bridge)

    Let me know what you're interested in

    Otherwise feel free to make offers!

    DEALS: yoyoDunno (Custom Shop Dean) | Uberthrall (Amps/guitars/etc) | standing8count (USA KV2) | kaboompishkapish (Peavey Ultra Plus FS) | dAsPlayzZ (1981 JCM800) |mylilss (Peavey XXX) | FFEMT596 (Marshall for Genz-Benz) George Djentson (ADA Rig) | Spadeace (Kramer American) | DonP (Pickup) | Spindlergallery (Modified Plexi) | RCSloan (pickups/neck) | Surferbeto (Danelectro Reel Echo) + mooooore

    I play Marshalls.