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Hey, let's trade pickups! Post what you've got and what you want!


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    • Have 2 emg 81's

      Want duncan custom or screamin' demon or bare knuckles


      • Have: A very nice Handwired fuzz factory clone (can email pics) built by PJ Pedals.

        Want to trade for a gold humbucker set.
        Good Trades: xnatex, thelorddread, WienerDog, 100 watt, xjordandx, reverberlayed


        • Have brand new in box, still sealed with plastic wrap a EMG 85, want a new condition EMG 81 with pots, battery connector etc.
          1990 Mesa Boogie .50 Cal+ "Frankenstein" kendrick modded
          Ampeg VH140C Head
          Crate VTX 350H

          KING Custom Cabinets

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          ( on a LONG vacation)


          • Have: Seymour Duncan JB w/Alnico 8 magnet.

            Want: Something mid to low output and tasty. I'm particularly interested in those 36th anniversary DiMarzio PAF. PM me.
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            • Have: Rockfield Fat Ass Paf pair

              Want: JB/Jazz or Alnico II, or set of GFS VEH. All black.
              Les Paul's & Strats, Fender Super & Blues Junior, Fulltone pedals & a whole lot of stuff that I don't use and can't seem to let go....


              • Have neck and bridge SD Invaders, white

                Have black Tone Zone

                Want Duncan Distortion and a Duncan neck pu like a 59 or Jazz in nickle
                Rivera K-Tre
                Randall T2

                Carvin, Gibson, ESP

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                • I got a set of Bill Lawrence Keystone Strat pickups. I'm looking to trade for another set. Open to anything.


                  • Found what I was looking for.


                    • Updated.

                      Quote Originally Posted by nights_blood
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                      Have (for sale or trade):

                      Dimarzio Tone Zone (white, F-spaced)

                      Dimarzio Super 3 (black w/ black poles, f-spaced)

                      Dimarzio New7's

                      EMG-HZ bridge (f-spaced)


                      Dimarzio: Norton, AT-1, Breed,

                      Suhr SSH+

                      Suhr DSV+

                      Bare Knuckle Holydiver


                      • Have: Seymour Duncan Vintage Rails, white w/ extended leads, neck position.

                        Want: DiMarzio P90 Super Distortion, Bluesy neck and/or RW middle single coils.


                        • anyone have any dimarzio's to trade for duncans?


                          • Looking for a set of antiquities


                            • Have a calibrated set of BKP Painkillers with box 4 conductor, short leg, chrome covers, very very mint. Looking for other BKP pups or maybe trade for a group of other pickups. NO EMG's, No evolutions, or tone zones.
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                              • Quote Originally Posted by Masterburrfoot
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                                Looking for Ibanez f-2 pickups (IBZ/USA F2). Thanks!

                                still looking for A Ibanez F2 pickups ?