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Hey, let's trade pickups! Post what you've got and what you want!


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  • I'm looking for a Seymour Duncan SSL-2 or SSL-6 (no RW/RP). I have a complete Fender American spaced Strat tremolo with full sized block to trade. ConUS only.


    • Looking for a Seymour Duncan Custom(sh-5) or Custom 5. Needs to be black and regular spaced. Have a Gibson 500T up for trade if you don't want to sell it.


      • I have a Dimarzio tone zone and a duncan distortion neck that id like to trade for some other interesting pickups. Play metal.
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        • Quote Originally Posted by chaosinborn
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          I have a Dimarzio tone zone and a duncan distortion neck that id like to trade for some other interesting pickups. Play metal.

          Is your Tone Zone F spaced, by any chance?
          Good deals with:

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          • Have a few Dimarzios:

            Tone Zone. Black, F-spaced $45

            Super Distortion. Black, regular spaced. $45

            (all prices including shipping to the lower 48 states)

            I'd be interested in trading for either a Crunchlab, Breed, or Norton (and possibly others that I haven't thought of). Must be black and F-spaced.


            • Want:

              - Lollar Special T


              - SD Pearly Gates Bridge

              - Gibson 496R

              - Kent Armstrong Lipstick pickups

              - Fender Am Std Tele set


              • Looking for a WCR Iron Man. Prefer double black and C-8....
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                • Want -tone zone F-spaced in black/cream

                  Have -JB,armstrong PAF,parson PAF,dimarzio SDS-1


                  • Looking for full creme Dimarzio paf pro regular spacing.


                    • Have - will sell or trade: Dimarzio Evo neck, Dimarzio Tone Zone, Dimarzio New7's, EMG-HZ bridge. All are black, and the Tone Zone is f-spaced.

                      Want: Dimarzio - Bluesbucker, Norton, PAF Pro, Air Norton

                      Suhr - SSH+ or DSH+ Bridge

                      Bare Knuckle - Holydiver


                      • WANT- Peavey WOLFGANG pu's(ANY poeavey wolfgang)

                        Have- various duncan ad dimarzio's and cash!


                        • Need Fralin Steel Pole 43s

                          DiMarzio DP401 or DP408


                          Fender Custom Shop 54s

                          Gibson ES-339

                          PRS Mira

                          Fender American Deluxe HSS QMT

                          Fender American Deluxe Select Mahogany

                          Fender American Deluxe 2011

                          Orpheus Valley


                          • Have fender custom shop Texas specials want reilander mid scoops. Would make deal to sell outright
                            partscaster strat
                            partscaster tele
                            05 srv signature strat
                            87 strat plus
                            72 thinline tele reissue
                            hughes and kettner statesman dual el84
                            silverface super reverb


                            • Have: MIM Standard Fender, full set - worth about $20 or so?

                              Want: HB in single coil size, like a GFS Lil Killer or similar.


                              • I have some tele pickups I wanna trade for EMG HB's:

                                Seymour Duncan STK-T3 Vintage Lead Stack Tele bridge pick up.

                                Stock neck pickup out of a USA HWY-1 Tele. "Hot Alnico 3"

                                Stock bridge+neck pickups from a '69 Thinline RI Tele w/ Vol and Tone pots.

                                Looking for:

                                EMG 85/60 set in gold. Possibly interested in the X series versions.

                                EMG Pi2

                                EMG RPC
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