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Hey, let's trade pickups! Post what you've got and what you want!

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  • Hey Carbohydrates, your PM box is full.

    Hey man, I know this is a long shot... But do you still have the GFS lipstick tube buckers for sale? If so, what color and what price?




    • I have an EVH Frankenstein Humbucker

      looking for strat pu's or P-90's


      • Quote Originally Posted by UBERTHRA11
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        Have a cream Dimarzio Super Distortion from the late 70's..........pulled out of the bridge of a 79' Hamer Standard.

        Want an EMG 81.........also interested in EMG SA's. For Passives.........hotter Dimarzios maybe. Tone Zone, EVO, D-activator, Crunchlab etc.

        PM'ed you. Not sure if it went through or not. I got an EMG 81, I could really use that Super D!
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        • I have a set of Gibson pickups--I know the bridge pickup is a 490T, and they both look the same, so I believe the neck pickup is a 490R. They both are open coil pickups, with gold screw pole pieces. I bought a guitar, and these pickups were in it. They sound great for certain things, but I would like to trade them for a set of Duncans, Gibson Burstbuckers or 57 Classics, or any other cool set of humbuckers (brand not important as long as they are good pickups). No ceramic magnet pickups, please. I will add cash wherever appropriate, I know these are not quite as expensive as some of the pickups I am wanting to trade for.

          Email me if you're interested: mrluttonATgmail.com
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          • 490r/498t's are sold.


            • HAVE black duncan jb bridge

              WANT duncan distortion bridge
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              1985 gibson explorer <br />
              mesa mark III blue<br />
              peavey bravo 112<br />
              red bear mk60</div>


              • Have...Fralin SP43

                Want...Gibson 57 Classic Plus (preferably with four-wire lead)
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                • HAVE: Dimarzio Tone Zone

                  Duncan Distortion Neck

                  Want: JB/Jazz set. Need TB4.
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                  </font><br />
                  <br />
                  Guitars, ETC, Thread<br />
                  JnBroadbent, Jdr94</div>


                  • Have: Suhr SSH+

                    Want: Cash, other high output passive pickups.

                    PM is best.
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                    • Looking for a full EMG set (bridge/neck), w/ pots, switch, and jack.
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                      • Have: EMG 707s with all wiring

                        Want: Paypal


                        • WANT : Filtertron style humbucker (Retrotron,TV Jones,etc...)

                          HAVE: Cash to paypal.

                          PM me.


                          • I'm good
                            <div class="signaturecontainer"><a href="http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6160/6136899674_db4d0106ce_b.jpg" target="_blank">Gibson ES-339</a><br />
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                            <br />
                            <a href="http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4125/5044832958_d1655b8c67_z.jpg" target="_blank">Fender American Deluxe Select Mahogany</a><br />
                            <br />
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                            • I have an EMG 85 with the quick connect.

                              Looking to trade for lots of things. Dimarzio, duncan, bareknuckle, motor city etc.

                              I understand that I will have to put some cash down for some pickups.
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                              <br />
                              HC References<br />
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                              • WANT: Cheap tele pickup (used Duncan, Fender, GFS, Dimarzio, etc, no Squier or SX parts)

                                HAVE: some parts, and cash
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