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Hey, let's trade pickups! Post what you've got and what you want!


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  • Hey Carbohydrates, your PM box is full.

    Hey man, I know this is a long shot... But do you still have the GFS lipstick tube buckers for sale? If so, what color and what price?




    • I have an EVH Frankenstein Humbucker

      looking for strat pu's or P-90's


      • Quote Originally Posted by UBERTHRA11
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        Have a cream Dimarzio Super Distortion from the late 70's..........pulled out of the bridge of a 79' Hamer Standard.

        Want an EMG 81.........also interested in EMG SA's. For Passives.........hotter Dimarzios maybe. Tone Zone, EVO, D-activator, Crunchlab etc.

        PM'ed you. Not sure if it went through or not. I got an EMG 81, I could really use that Super D!
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        • I have a set of Gibson pickups--I know the bridge pickup is a 490T, and they both look the same, so I believe the neck pickup is a 490R. They both are open coil pickups, with gold screw pole pieces. I bought a guitar, and these pickups were in it. They sound great for certain things, but I would like to trade them for a set of Duncans, Gibson Burstbuckers or 57 Classics, or any other cool set of humbuckers (brand not important as long as they are good pickups). No ceramic magnet pickups, please. I will add cash wherever appropriate, I know these are not quite as expensive as some of the pickups I am wanting to trade for.

          Email me if you're interested:
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          • 490r/498t's are sold.


            • HAVE black duncan jb bridge

              WANT duncan distortion bridge
              late 70's gibson sg custom
              2006 gibson sg standard
              1985 gibson explorer
              mesa mark III blue
              peavey bravo 112
              red bear mk60


              • Have...Fralin SP43

                Want...Gibson 57 Classic Plus (preferably with four-wire lead)
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                • HAVE: Dimarzio Tone Zone

                  Duncan Distortion Neck

                  Want: JB/Jazz set. Need TB4.
                  My Rig
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                  Esp LTD V-500
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                  • Have: Suhr SSH+

                    Want: Cash, other high output passive pickups.

                    PM is best.
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                    • Looking for a full EMG set (bridge/neck), w/ pots, switch, and jack.
                      Ah, Dickhammer.

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                      Line 6 HD500
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                      PRS 20th SC


                      • Have: EMG 707s with all wiring

                        Want: Paypal


                        • WANT : Filtertron style humbucker (Retrotron,TV Jones,etc...)

                          HAVE: Cash to paypal.

                          PM me.


                          • I'm good
                            Gibson ES-339

                            PRS Mira

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                            Fender American Deluxe Select Mahogany

                            Fender American Deluxe 2011

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                            • I have an EMG 85 with the quick connect.

                              Looking to trade for lots of things. Dimarzio, duncan, bareknuckle, motor city etc.

                              I understand that I will have to put some cash down for some pickups.
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                              • WANT: Cheap tele pickup (used Duncan, Fender, GFS, Dimarzio, etc, no Squier or SX parts)

                                HAVE: some parts, and cash
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