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  • Speaker, pickups

     16 Ohm Vintage 30 - $50 shipped.
    Fender Enforcer - $30 shipped.
    Fender Atomic Humbucker - $25 shipped.
    (2) Duncan Designed HB108N - $20 for one or $30 for both, shipped.
    PM for pics, or if you have any questions.
    Amps:Framus Dragon, 5150, Mesa Mark IV, Mesa Triple Recto, FJA XXX, FJA PV RM -->Mesa 50/50, PV Ultra 120, FJA PV Penta, FJA DoubleCross, FJA Windsor, GK MLE Head, GK 2100SEL, Marshall 9100

    Cabs:3 Marshall 1960B, 2 Avatar 2x15, 2 Laney 4x12's, Mesa Recto 4x12 & 1x12, various 2x12's

    Good Trades With: Exocaster, ams2ek, Chrisman926, Digital Jams, thesplawnster, Soulcrusher_X, meadows.83, Vinhoff, John Busbee, rebornself27, MadCow, mincy, Guitarted, The Riffer, Keebz, guitarbilly74

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    Misunderstood phrasing. Not sellers fault. I am preoccupied with other items. My error.
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