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FS: 1969 Sunn 200s w/2 Cabs and Vinyl Covers - NE FL/SE GA


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  • FS: 1969 Sunn 200s w/2 Cabs and Vinyl Covers - NE FL/SE GA

    FS, as the title indicates; this is an awesome rig:

    Got it from an acquaintance about a year and a half ago, head was dead. Sent it to another friend who is a tube amp guru and it came back in perfect working order with extra tubes. It's dead quiet if your bass is, and goes from zero to earthquake with a thump of a B or E string. Has a tube rectifier and original two-prong power cord.

    The cab w/matching grille cloth as the head has D140's in it that I had to have reconed - both are like new now and still need to be broken in. The other cab has a set of Vegas (before they were Cerwin Vega). They both work fine; not sure if they were ever reconed or not during their life. As such the Vega cab is louder since the reconed JBL's still need to loosen up.

    The 60 watt rating is deceiving; it sounds more like 500 watts to me. Despite having 15's it gets pretty darn bright sounding. The only time the power rating shows it's limitations is when playing lower notes on a low B string; with the volume down a touch it sounds plenty loud but more volume can be achieved by playing up higher on the neck.

    Included will be the amp, cab, covers, speaker cables, junction box (so you can run both cabs at the correct resistance). See all photos for the rest of the story.

    $2200, delivery considered, don't ask me about parting out or shipping out this set.