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FS: Aguilar DB750 with Brand New ProTec Rack Bag


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  • FS: Aguilar DB750 with Brand New ProTec Rack Bag

    I have for sale an Aguilar of the best sounding amps on the planet (IMHO).

    I bought it used last November, and it has literally never left my house. I bought it anticipating an upcoming gig that didn't happen. I was thinking about hanging on to it since it really is a great amp (I've owned a couple in the past), but I thought I may as well sell it.

    Amp will come with a brand new ProTec rack bag. This bag is exactly like the one that Aguilar used to sell on their website, except without the Aguilar logo.

    It is terrific condition, with the exception of the DI Pre/Post switch, which was already broken off when I purchased it. It is currently in the Pre position. The switch works, it just needs to be moved with a small screw driver. My local shop said it would be a $30 repair. I've been meaning to take it in and get it fixed, but I haven't quite got around to it.

    Price is $1300 shipped as is (with broken switch), or $1350 shipped if I have the repair done first....your choice. I accept PayPal or USPS Money Order...whatever is easier for you. I may consider a trade, but my interests are pretty limited. I'm looking for a US Lakland Bob Glaub with a 1.5" nut (or another high end P-type bass with the thinner nut) or I may consider a trade for another decent 2 ohm capable amp (Eden WT550, iAMP 800, etc.) + cash on your part. Just let me know what you have.

    If you have an interest or have any questions, PM me or feel free to shoot me an e-mail at" rel="nofollow">

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    This amp has been sold. Thanks everyone for your interest...