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  • Dr. Bass 2460 Neo cabinet

    Well, we all know how Dr. Bass imploded; however, while they were in business, they made superb cabinets. I have a very nice condition 2460 Neo cabinet for sale. This is the 2x12 model with the 6 inch midrange and tweeter - handwired crossover - done in the unbeatable tolex-like finish that simply just does not damage, no matter how hard you try. The drivers are Neo's, of course, so the whole cab is super light for what it is. I think it's right at 50 pounds for all this goodness.

    I'm going in another direction (still have my EA cabs) for bass cabinets, so it's time to unload this baby. You won't find another one as the company is kaput/finished/whatever.

    Here are the specs (in a link) from the (still on the air) website:

    Okay - this was $689 shipped new. I'm motivated to clean house, so I'm offering the cabinet for $500...shipping on you, however. That price includes a complete set of new cabinet corners as well. It does not include any payment fees, so email or pm me to discuss payment methods, etc. I won't charge any more than actual shipping.

    The last one to sell on Talkbass sold for over $600, so this is a steal. I'll go even a bit lower for a local sale if someone will come pick it up in person.

    Obligatory picture...

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