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FS: Dawn Pro Audio PA Speaker System


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  • FS: Dawn Pro Audio PA Speaker System

    Dawn Pro Audio model 812 speaker system, manufactured in the 1990s before the company was purchased by Kustom. Consists of 2 upfiring 8" satellite speakers and a 12" sub woofer cabinet. Used to have the speaker stands but I can't find them, so they are not included.  

    I used these speakers for solo keyboard gigs maybe 15 years ago. They're basically made to fill a small club or great for rehearsal, or you could even set them up as a decent speaker system for your home stereo.

    One of the small satellite speakers is damaged and needs a recone. The driver, however, is still in good shape and sounds fine. The other speaker and subwoofer both work great.

    I'd take $75 + shipping within CONUS (around $45) for the whole system, or local pickup in Omaha, NE.


    Here's a little blurb about these that someone wrote on an audio forum, and I think there is a thread or two here on Harmony-Central if you search:

    "I REALLY like them because you can set the speakers behind the band or mid stage, and not have to worry about feedback. (i.e. you don't need ANY monitors).

    This is due to the unusual design of the satellites. They have an upward firing mid-range with an axial mounted dome tweeter. There is a ABS plastic reflector above the speaker that is in a parabolic cone shape (pointy side down) with a horizontal wall at the back of the speaker. This reflector causes the sound from the satellites to be spread out in a 180 arc. Hence, no ear piercing hot spots for those sitting near the speaker. Mine handle 400W RMS in a stereo set up. I drive em with a Carvin 12 channel powered mixer ( 333W Left /333W Right /333W Monitor)."




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    Have you sold it yet? Any idea on how to get it re-coned?


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      If not sold yet, I might be interested in this system.  If it is truly a larger system than the 510. I have two of those which I use all the time, but if this a larger version, I would be interested.  The pictures appear to be the same system I already have.  The satelites I have measure about 5"

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    Hello: Let me know if the speakers are still available,
    I think we can do business.
    John, Buffalo NY call - (seven one six) 867-6944 after 12 noon Eastern time