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  • Studio Gear Just In!

    Just got a lot of gear in, and quite a bit on the way, so here's the latest!

    Alesis Adat XT recorders with low hours - 3 available for 199.00 each incl LRC/Man
    Alesis BRC Remote for Adats w/Man and Sync Cable 150.00
    Tascam CD/RW5000 CD Burner w/Manual 220.00
    Tascam CD-301 100.00
    Tascam DA-30 Dat 80.00
    Tascam 302 Cassette Recorder 100.00
    Mackie HR824 Monitors 750.00
    Alesis Monitor One's 80.00
    Alesis RA-100 amp 85.00
    Alesis 3630 Compressors 60.00 each
    Alesis Midiverb II 55.00
    Alesis Quadraverb 65.00
    AKG K240 headphones 50.00 each
    EV RE-1000 mics - mint in cases 225.00 each
    Roland SP-808 Groove Box 250.00
    Yamaha DX-7 IIFD Synth 275.00
    Ensoniq ASR-10 w/SCSI and manuals 600.00
    Sennheiser EW300 In Ear Wireless 480.00

    Lots more and more on the way! Just get in touch if you'd like to grab any of this up!
    615-907-9798 (M-F 10-4 CST, lv msg if you miss us!)
    Buy - Sell - Trade
    615-732-0535 (M-F)