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Mics: Shure 55sh, AKG c451-eb, Oktava MK-319


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  • Mics: Shure 55sh, AKG c451-eb, Oktava MK-319

    I've got my eye on an amp, and I need some cash. So I've got some mics I'm going to let go:

    I've had this Elvis Mic in my sig for a long time, and I've had a couple of nibbles but no real bites. The mic is in excellent condition, I bought it new and it was only used about 4 times by a girl singer. She decided she'd rather use a handheld, and its sat in its box since then. These guys are about $160 new online, I paid about $150 for it. Here's a link: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/prod...-Mic?sku=270169

    I'd really like to move it for cash, so how's $75 shipped sound??? Thats less than half the price of a new one with shipping.

    I've also got an AKG C451-EB mic. Here's a link: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/C451B/
    Mine is an older one, and its black, not silver. NO visible signs of wear, and works flawlessly, never pushed. Its been babied. I will ship it with an AKG shockmount made for the mic. $150 shipped

    And Finally, an Oktava MK-319. This is the reissue Okatava Large Diaphragm condenser. In excellent condition, with no scratches or wear. It sounds fantastic. I just got this used a few weeks ago, and just don't have use for another LDC as I've got a few already. Will ship with original bag, mic stand mounting ring, and an AKG shockmount that it fits into. 85$ shipped

    USPS Money Order only (no paypal, sorry), and CONUSA only.

    Will consider trades for a 15 watt, EL84 based, 1x12 combo of any make (as that's what I'm looking to buy) and maybe a nice unique fuzz of some kind.

    PM or email thriftyshirt @ yahoo
    The Freakin Hott

    Orange & Tweed