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Tascam 4 Track 1/2" Reel to Reel - Mega Fat Sound!!!


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  • Tascam 4 Track 1/2" Reel to Reel - Mega Fat Sound!!!

    The Tascam Series 70 Reel to Reel recorders were the first 1/2" multi-track semi-pro recorders available to the home studio market back in the 70s. The Series 70 made quality home recording a reality.

    This is a 4 channel, 1/2" tape machine that was built to mimic the look and functions of the famed Ampex 350 series decks. Unlike the Ampex recorders, the capstan on the Series 70 is belt driven and has a hefty flywheel to maintain even speed. There is a scrape flutter filter between the record and play heads, a feature usually found only on better machines. The heads are glass ferrite and show very little wear. The pinch roller is in good condition and the guides are clean. The direct drive reel motors have plenty of torque and the brakes work as expected.

    The deck operates at 7 1/2 IPS and 15 IPS. A simple number counter is used to index tape locations. The deck has a sync switch on all channels so it is easy to over-dub in sync with pre-recorded material. Since there are only 4 tracks on 1/2" wide tape, drop-out problems are rare and the signal to noise ratio is better than 1/4" tape machines. It was last biased for Quantagy 456 low-noise tape.

    The machine shows the usual signs of wear (after all it is over 30 years old) like small nicks in the cabinet, but the deck itself has no major scratches or broken parts. There is a small indent in the plastic cover on VU meter 1, but you really have to look closely to see it. All meter and indicator lights work. The deck plays and records without any problems. Operation is simple and reliable.

    Accessories include: 2 after market NAB Hub adaptors (the kind usually found on Scully decks) a blank 1/2" take-up reel, power cord and if I can locate it, a blank reel of 456 tape. The deck is heavy but it will be packed carefully. (You are also welcome to pick-up the machine in Salt Lake City, UT.) Email me at lazydogvintage at comcast.net.