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Speck XTRAMIX CXI mixer version 5


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  • Speck XTRAMIX CXI mixer version 5

    This mixer is sick! For more info, check out www.speck.com

    to quote the website "It squeezes 76 inputs, 18 bus outputs, and the power of a
    large recording console into a superb mixer only four rack spaces high." if
    you're a synth head, and want to be able to route 20 STEREO channels to 8
    different busses, and have 8 effects sends and returns, then this is the mixer
    for you. It's all pure analog and ultra low noise

    **Update! this unit was recently serviced. THe power supply seemed louder
    than I remember, so I had an engineer friend take a look. 10 minutes an a $.30
    replacement part (3A capacitor) and the power supply is completely silent!
    there was also a jack that seemed loose to me, but that was easily fixed too.
    turns out each channel is on its own board, and the jack was super easy to get
    to. ***

    I bought this direct a few years ago, and it's served me well the whole time.
    New, these go for $4500. The lowest price I will sell this for is now $1950.
    discount if you're in the boston area and can pick it up.