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Interface, Condensers and an SM7b!


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  • Interface, Condensers and an SM7b!

    In the interest of saving space, please click each picture for a link to a second. ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING (in the US)! I will ship international at the buyer's expense

    Tascam US-800 USB Recording Interface. Cubase LE5 disc included (this alone is worth $200, because upgrading to the full version of Cubase 6 is only $300 with it)! This thing has literally been used ONCE. I got it with the intent of using it for a mobile recording rig, but I could really just use the money now. For all intended purposes, this is BRAND NEW. Sounds fantastic and works great. I was surprised to find that it comes with its own digital control software on the drivers. I've never seen that on something that cost less than $400.

    $90 OBO

    Sterling ST-79 Large Diaphragm Condenser mic. Works flawlessly and sounds great. Has been my main mic for a few years, but it's time to upgrade. Comes with original packaging, case, shockmount and windscreen. These were discontinued and you can't get them anymore. Has been babied and looks new.

    $275 OBO

    Shure SM7b dynamic mic. This is a staple among dynamic vocal mics and is the one that all the rest are compared to. The same mic used to record the best selling album of all time, Michael Jackson's Thriller. Sounds great and I'll probably be kicking myself after this one sells, but I can't afford to buy the mic I want now, without selling it :no:

    $285 OBO

    Samson CO2 Small Diaphragm Condenser mic pair. Great for overheads. Used only a few times, great shape, sound awesome for the price. Don't have the original mic clips, but I'm including ones that are much better.

    $85 OBO

    Oktava MC-012 (MK-012) Small Diaphragm Condenser mic. AWESOME sounding mic for overheads. Pickup a second and you've got yourself a pair that'll last a long time!

    $130 OBO - SOLD!!!

    M-Audio Pulsar II Small Diaphragm Condenser mic. Honestly not sure whether I prefer this or the Oktava. Both are great sounding mics and this one is nearly brand new, it's been used only a hand full of times and spent the rest of the time in its case.

    $110 OBO

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