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BSS DPR-901 II Dynamic Equaliser

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  • BSS DPR-901 II Dynamic Equaliser

    very clean with minimal rash...$750 shipping included to the USA-48

    the following is from the BSS website:

    The DPR-901 II is a four-band parametric Dynamic Equaliser which allows frequency-selective compression (-3OdB) and expansion (+16dB).

    Each band has:

    A frequency sweep.

    A bell width.

    An IN/OUT switch.

    Compress/expand control.

    Compress/expand metering.

    Threshold metering.

    Time constants which are automatically controlled by dynamic and harmonic content of signal with selectable FAST RELEASE.

    It has a filter switch on bands 1&4 which changes bell filter response to a shelving response and on bands 2 & 3 cancels the filter for wide band operation.

    Electronically balanced input and output.

    The unit may be set up as a 1 input/4band or 2 input / 2 bands per channel device, and the filter side chain may be monitored to allow precise tuning of the audio spectrum to be effected.