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FS: TAD TD-2001 compression drivers for studio monitors


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  • FS: TAD TD-2001 compression drivers for studio monitors

    I have four TAD TD-2001 compression drivers for sale. They all have new TAD diaphragms in them. Some blemishing on the outside with some dry gaff tape adhesive & light rust, but clean inside and fully functioning. They have been in continuous operation for at least a decade. These are considered by most audio folks both studio and live sound to be the gold standard for high frequency drivers.

    These come with the 1" screw on horn adapters for EV small format horns as well as other brands that use screw on compression drivers. You can remove the adapters or have me remove them if you don't want them.

    They currently list new for $1495.00. I'm selling them each for $750 or $700 each if all 4 are purchased by one buyer. For additional specs, check out the TAD website:


    Ebay listing here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/TAD-TD-2001-...-/160926348792

    Admin: I'm cross posting this listing in the Live Audio area as well since these drivers are used for both studio monitor as well as high end live sound PA cabinets - if that's ok.


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    I had a request for pics of the diaphragms.

    Click Here for pics.