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Roland XP-30 with gig bag for sale--SOLD


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  • Roland XP-30 with gig bag for sale--SOLD

    Hey everyone. I'm selling my XP-30 which I bought back in 2001. It's in very good condition minus a few scratches on the underside from where it sat on the keyboard stand.

    The XP-30 contains nearly 1,500 different sounds - just about every instrument you can imagine, plus tons of synthesizers and effects. You can use it for literally any genre of music - classical, jazz, blues, electronic, industrial, world, rock... tons of sounds for everything!

    It has 16 internal channels, which means you can control up to 16 different instruments via MIDI and compose entire songs with this keyboard alone.

    I have a soft foam reinforced case for it that I'm also including. I'm currently searching for a box large enough to contain it all together. I also have the manual which is included.

    $500 + shipping, or pick up in the Seattle area.
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    ---Use Ebay!