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  • reverse spam: Drum machine

    I need a drum machine. Alesis, Boss, Korg.

    What do you got?

    I may have some trade bait as well as some cash.

    PM me.

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    Your PM box is full, so I'm just posting here.

    I've got a Korg Electribe es1mkii that I'd like to sell. I really like it, but I want to get Ableton Live so I need the cash. While the electribe is really nice for my workflow, it's not crucial, and Live will be better for me all around.

    Bought it off zzounds about two months ago, so I can't return it because it's over the 30-day mark. I've got all the original packaging and documentation, and I'll add a 32MB smart media card that I got for it (32 MB is max capacity). If you're interested, it's $225. Check out the specs/reviews on zzounds..it really is a great little machine.


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      One of my students wants to upgrade to a Boss DR670 and has a SR16 for sale for perhaps $90. Just a reminder-there is no high hat foot closing on the SR16 an absurd blooper by Alesis. The D4 has soft and hard foot closing and the sounds are the same. John Poole, Ardmore, PA