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For Sale: Hammond A100 - C2 (B3)


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  • For Sale: Hammond A100 - C2 (B3)

    The organ: $3,800

    - mid-1960s manuals from Hammond A100 (electronics which are interchangeable between all full-size tonewheel organs i.e. B3, C3, A10x)
    -1940s era C2 cabinet (includes modesty panels which makes organ more rugged)

    -custom preamp/tone control installed by Tony LaBrasca - BT Productions

    -organ assembled and overhauled by Tony LaBrasca - circa 2000

    -custom leslie speed control installed on expression pedal, allowing two handed playing while switching Leslie speed (LaBrasca)

    -cusomized Leslie speaker cabinet for road use. Leslie 122 amp and high-powered horn for additional volume and tone in loud (blues) environments (LaBrasca)

    Roller Carry available separately.

    This organ is excellent in a blues and rock setting. The preamp provides a wonderful Hammond growl, and the 2-piece Leslie, while not a "looker" transports well and has a great sound. I hate to sell this beauty, but my loss can be your gain.

    I will cooperate with, but not coordinate any shipping. Local pickup is preferred.

    Organ is located in Plainwell, MI - 15 minutes North of Kalamazoo and 35 minutes South of Grand Rapids.

    Email: fred@newhollandbrew.com
    Pictures available and questions answered via email -