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Vintage 80s Peavey DPM-488 88-Weighted-Key FM Synth $200

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  • Vintage 80s Peavey DPM-488 88-Weighted-Key FM Synth $200


    A rare fully-programmable 80s-vintage FM synth. Don't confuse this with the DX-7, there is no icky plastic here folks; it's all piano-black wood and steel with 88 real wood weighted keys. In good physical shape for its age with just a few minor scuffs here and there on the corners.

    Totally programmable, the instruction book is still available as a download from Peavey. Some of the features:
    Programmable DSP (reverb, delay, gated reverb, exciter, chorus etc)
    DS-DD Floppy disc drive (yes you can still get them from other enthusiasts; this comes with one but I never loaded it so I don't know what is on it. Surprise!)
    Sequencer (or use with external sequencer)
    Sysex compatible
    Midi in/out/through
    Takes all 3 pedal types
    Programmable drum kits (along with all other programmable voices)
    and a bunch more stuff I barely understand; you can really tweak every sound just as you want it using the oscillators and what-nots if you are smart enough. The manual is really good.

    This is a wood and steel monster; it is only a bit bigger than a modern 88-key synth and fits on a double-braced X-Stand, but it weighs over 150 pounds so there is no way this can be shipped anywhere and it takes 2 guys to carry it without risking a hernia, but if you are into old skool programming (or even if you just like what is there) there are some really good voices in here despite the obviously limited amount of memory compared with modern synths. Extra pitch/mod wheel controls subtleties like the Leslie amount on the B3 patch).

    Has some decent acoustic pianos, great electric pianos, organs, brass and woodwinds and the string quartet is to die for, plus some powerful old Moog and ARP samples for noodling around with. As usual, the "guitar" patches are awful, but there are some good basses including an acoustic bass that will blow your face off if you have a spare.

    Own a piece of history for your studio or den (or use it live; it does not float out of tune like the old Yamaha oscillators, but it takes as many roadies). It's been in my den for 5 years, but I have to get rid of it for something more portable as I am playing out again and I am now 50 with a bad back!

    Obviously due to its age there is no warranty and no return.
    Yours for a miserably measly 200 bucks.
    Pickup from NH 03884