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FS: SOVIET ANALOG synth's and drums (Aelita, Junost, Alisa etc..)


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  • FS: SOVIET ANALOG synth's and drums (Aelita, Junost, Alisa etc..)

    I have for sale my very rare collection of former CCCP vintage analog synthesizers, drums and effects!

    AELITA - $900 - (3-osc power monosynth)
    ALISA-1387 - $700 (2-osc melodic monosynth)
    VERMONA SYNTH - $550 (2-osc german synth)
    JUNOST'-21 - $400 (guitar-like poly synth)

    KVINTET - $400 (brass-string poly synth)
    ELECTRONIKA EM-04 - $550 (soviet string-machine)
    JUNOST'-1122 - $450 (organ-piano)
    LELL-22 - $370 (organ-piano-synth)

    Drum modules:
    LELL UDS - $380 (2-channel analog module + pads)

    Analog guitar pedals/FX processors:
    LIDER-1 - $400 (guitar micro synthesizer)
    LELL RC - $250 (early digital multi processor)

    All synths checked and tested by pro service, shipping by insured airmail
    from Russia.

    More infos: www.geocities.com/rusynth/

    My official page: www.ruskeys.net

    Finally I want to remind that I give you total with the purchase:
    - really checked and tuned synth
    - good packing shipping by insured air mail
    - 1/4 jack to 5-din adapter cable
    - panel translation to english
    - original or scanned factory manual and schematics (in russian)
    - technical support with any parts in future
    - my 8 years international seller reputation

    Email me for any questions: rovereno@pisem.net" rel="nofollow">provereno@pisem.net