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My Yamaha DX200 for your (good condition) Korg ESX-1?


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  • My Yamaha DX200 for your (good condition) Korg ESX-1?

    While I find the DX200 pretty endearing and fun, I can't get past the fact that I really have no clue what I'm doing to it half the time. Capable of awesome noises, but damned I know how to find them or how I made them if I do.

    Anywho, the DX is in great shape, the rubbers are a bit yellowed, but this is something I see on all AX/DX200 machines. Nothing serious, by any means. Functions 100%, looks great, original box, power supply, manual.

    I'm just an ESX guy. If you have one in nice shape, none of that knob jitter nonsense present, I would be happy to do a one for one swap. Failing that, I'll part with it for 300 shipped (they go on ebay 350 fairly consistently, and that's w/o manual and the original goodness, not counting shipping, etc).

    If you're an established member, I've no issue shipping at the same time. If you're a new guy/gal, I'll need the ESX first.

    Also have a Roland VC-1 card for the V Synth. I was really excited about this, but the D50 architecture is positively unthrilling for me. I also need the cash. I'll take 200 shipped.

    I'm in pleasantly warm and winter weather free NC.

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