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  • Prophet T8 Serial #000461

    This Sequential Circuits Prophet T8 is in good condition and works perfectly. It was fully checked out by Wine Country in June of 2011, and has been in its road case since.

    The wooden sides and front show some wear, and it is missing BOTH logo decals on the front. The metal top, back, and faceplate are in good shape, with only minor wear.

    It includes an aluminum road case and the complete original manual.

    Obviously, this is a vintage unit, heavy and fragile, and should only be considered by someone well-versed in the care and feeding of similar synths. I will work closely with any serious buyer to insure that you know exactly what you are getting. More photos and/or videos available upon request.

    This is the third and last T8 I have had for sale - the other two sold for $4K+ over the last two years. I'm asking $4000 for this one, plus shipping. For those that might care, these three T8's were all owned by Eddie Jobson, who tweaked the keybeds for playability, but only used them (as MIDI controllers) for one concert in NYC in 2009.

    Please PM me with any questions. Thanks.