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*Rare Find* Moog Realistic Concertmate MG-1 Synth


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  • *Rare Find* Moog Realistic Concertmate MG-1 Synth

    Mint condition Realistic Concertmate MG-1
    This Concertmate MG-1 has been used only a handful of times and then was safely stored in a dry, cool place.
    The condition is excellent; it looks just as though it came straight from the Moog factory.
    All of the sliders/switches operate freely and are not gummed up.
    No scratches, dings, dents, marks, or bent sliders.
    All the keys work and there are no dead keys/buttons.
    Shipping to USA only or local pickup in San Diego, California.
    If you have any questions Email me at Erik2895@Gmail.com
    Price: $750+shipping

    The Realistic Concertmate MG-1 is an analog synthesizer manufactured by Moog Music in 1981.

    The MG-1 includes features such as:

    Two oscillators with sync & detune, one producing either a Square or Sawtooth waveform, with the other producing either a Pulse or Sawtooth waveform.
    One 24db/oct low pass filter/VCF, that can use the envelope generator, has three-position keyboard tracking, and is capable of self oscillation.
    Three-part envelope generator, with separately adjustable Attack and Decay or Release, and selectable Sustain on or off. The Envelope Generator can be triggered by either the keyboard, or the LFO.
    Oscillator 2 can be tuned independently or hard-synced to Oscillator 1.
    Noise generator. (Digital Pseudo-Random Noise)
    Ring modulation (called "Bell Tone" this is Amplitude Modulation of VCO 1 and 2).
    Polyphonic oscillator. This is a divide-down square wave generator. It is routed to the VCF and the VCA.
    LFO that can modulate the oscillators and the filter using a Triangle, square or random Sample and Hold waveform
    Voltage controlled amplifier with Keyed, Hold, and Envelope modes (accessed via 3-way switch, misleadingly only labeled "Tone Sources" but also affects Poly signal)
    Portamento (called "Glide")
    External Control inputs for pre-MIDI CV/Gate.

    -Polyphonic Sound
    -Contour Triggering
    -Unique Modulation Options