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FS (USA): Studio Electronics CODE 8 w/ Arp 2600, Yamaha CS80. Moog, OB Style Filters


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  • FS (USA): Studio Electronics CODE 8 w/ Arp 2600, Yamaha CS80. Moog, OB Style Filters

    Colorado Springs, CO, USA
    Price: $5000 US.

    Fully insured and trackable shipping to Europe is $150. It's actually more but I'll absorb the rest of the cost.

    Thinning out my studio and this is probably the most difficult piece for me to decide to part with, but it really needs to go to someone who will have more time to use it. Studio Electronics CODE 8 (8 part polyphonic / 8 part multitimbral) fully analog rackmount synth, from the Omega family, in excellent condition (I used rubber washers to protect the rack holes). Comes with standard Oberheim SEM style LowPass, HighPass, BandPass and BandReject and Moog style LP filters PLUS four additional Arp 2600 style filters on four voices and four Yamaha CS80 style filters on 4 voices! As well it has the Op Amp upgrade. All info can be found on the Studio Electronics and Novamusik sites.

    In addition, I will include the following soundbanks: Salvation Pads, Black Music Essentials, Cadix, Subs & Ins and Theirot. Also includes power cord (supply is internal, so for Europe you just need a standard 3 prong computer type cord) and manual, though the manual does not even touch how deep this synth can be operated and programmed. Latest OS (and the right one for having the extra filters) is installed.

    New price with this configuration, not including the soundbanks, would be $7000 or more. Soundbanks would cost $440 to buy. Asking $5000 US. Payment by cash, bank transfer or verified Paypal only. I am Paypal and Ebay verified and have excellent ratings as nickolasauctions. I also have a lot of experience shipping fragile music gear, and it will be very securely packed. Buyer pays insured shipping. Please let me know if you have any questions or require additional pictures. Thanks for looking!

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    Giving this a bump for price reduction from $5500 to $5000. Lots of serious interest but nobody brave enough to pull the trigger yet.


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      Adding more to the sale list, and more to come:

      Pics here:


      Eventide Space Reverb Stompbox NEW, UNOPENED BOX - SOLD

      Ensonq Mirage 8-Bit Sampling Keyboard Analog CEM Filters $150
      Why use second rate bit crushing software or sloppy hardware conversion when you can get the real deal here? Crunchy, punchy 8-bit sampling goodness going through those stunning CEM analog filters found on such classic synths as Oberheim and Sequential Circuits. This is the second version of the Ensoniq Mirage Sampling Keyboard which has the really nice feeling Fatar keybed. Fully functioning with power supply. Some minor cosmetic scuffing. Comes with 3 sets of the MASOS Advance Sampling OS, Formatting Disk and OS 3.2 floppies just in case one disk corrupts.

      Yamaha RM1X Sequencer Synth Drum Machine Groove Box - SOLD

      Sony DPS-V55 Multi FX - $200
      Fantastic sounding yet somewhat overlooked multi fx unit that can run 4 independent mono FX or 2 stereo FX. Very nice condition with only very minor rack wear. Fully functioning w/ power supply.

      Lexicon MX200 Multi FX - SOLD

      Electrix MOFX Multi FX - $125
      Wonderful unit with all front panel controls for on the fly tweaking. Ping pong delay is awesome. I love that you can select what range of the sound return back from the FX. Original owner for some reason wrote on the knobs with sharpie. Otherwise in nice condition with minor rack rash. W/ power supply.

      Numark DM1001X DJ Mixer - $50
      - Nice basic DJ mixer with power supply.

      Odyssey Battle Style DJ Turntable & Mixer Coffin - $50
      - Excellent condition. Set up for two turntables (turned battle style) and a standard DJ mixer.

      Also coming to this list soon. . ..

      Kawai K3M rackmount synth digital waveforms with analog filters like Ensoniq ESQ, SQ80, Waldorf

      Roland DDR-30 drum brain (MIDI and triggers) kind of like Oberheim DMX meets Roland TR707 meets Simmons SDS

      Korg MicroX (enhanced Triton soundest) multitimbral synth & DAW controller

      And possibly some polyphonic analog synth goodies like Roland Juno 60 with Minverva kit (incl. MIDI), near mint Sequential Prophet 600 and fully working but kinda beat up Roland HS10 Alpha Juno. And maybe a Spectralis 1. Message me now if anything interests you so you can get to the front of the queue.