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  • FS/FT - Roland Fantom Xa

    Hey all,

    Have a used Fantom Xa up for sale or trade. Looking for a Roland G/Gi in return
    or sell it for $500. It has cosmetic scratches, and a small buckle in the hull by a
    corner, but its in perfect working condition. Have a small 512 mb card put in the
    board so you can sample and save it immediately ( i bought this and the adapter for it seperately)

    Its a good board, i'm looking for something a bit lighter, i dont need all the sampling
    buttons/sequencers etc. Thats why i'd like a G or Gi, similar sound engine, but again i dont need all the sample pads or the sequencer.

    Im in chicago, if anyone is interested, email me at srgebel@hotmail.com