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  • Korg MicroKorg XL

    Good price, missing the "Program Genre" knob, but functions fine. Trying to replace that knob threw me into the weird, vague world of "Parts is Parts," whom Korg uses for these kinds of things. They took three wild guesses at the part I was asking for--all wrong--before I just gave up...it works fine without the knob.

    Comes with gooseneck vocoder mic and working power supply.

    Plays and sounds great and the free software editor is one of the best of its kind and really opens this thing up. It can be an astonishingly huge sounding synth. I am reluctant to sell it but have a guitar project in mind and this unit didn't end up finding its way into our live rig, as I had imagined.

    $235 shipped and Paypal'd.
    $220 local pickup, 90 miles north of NYC.

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    Bump for significant price drop!