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Crumar Spirit for sale--Mint Rare Analog Synth


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  • Crumar Spirit for sale--Mint Rare Analog Synth

    Crumar Spirit for sale--80's vintage Analog Monosynth. Bob Moog design, less than 200 ever made--this one is #8. Flawless condition with all original paperwork and case. If you've been looking to own one of the rarest synthesizers of all time, here is your chance.

    Completely unique sounds, there is no software emulation for this instrument. This could be the missing piece to your recording process (studio engineers) or instrument collection.

    I am asking for compensation similar to prices you would find for this instrument in an online search, but am open to negotiate if you are serious about owning this rare piece. Interested in trade/partial trade , if you have interesting gear!

    JP 8 anyone? JK :-)

    I have pics online and can send if reqst--

    Thanks for looking