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Korg Poly-800 with Moog Slayer-type mod


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  • Korg Poly-800 with Moog Slayer-type mod

    Not sure if this is the official slayer mod or a variation, but it has some real major Moog-sounding resonance. Three knobs, with the third being a way to introduce White Noise.

    The reason I am not sure if it is an official Slayer mod is because the knobs are on the right (instead of the left) and because the person who did the mod set up the polarity of the input power to be reversed from the stock configuration. Sounds odd, but it works.

    It's a little scuffed up here and there (what would you expect from a nearly-30-year-old synth made out of plastic) but nothing major.

    I am asking $300 plus shipping CONUS because I am not sold on wanting to sell it and I know once I let it go that the chance of having another one is nil.
    SPAM - Spunkytoofers Rabbit Hole (circuitbent PS-2) $300 shipped CONUS
    E-Mu Ultraproteus, power cord, good shape (minor rack wear) $225 + shipping