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FS/FT: Roland JV-1010 Synth Module

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  • FS/FT: Roland JV-1010 Synth Module

    Picked this up recently, and have sorta realized I have no real use for it. haha...So my lack of tech knowledge is your gain I guess...Its in excellent condition, in the original Box, with Original Power supply, seems like the guy I got it from hadn't used it to much, and neither have I, so Its really in great condition. I can get pics if ya want em. 

    Not really sure exactly what these go for, so I'm asking $150 OBO...An please feel free to make an offer, I came up with that price based on completed ebay listings, so if its too high, lemme know. 


    Would also be down with Trades...Really need some sort of audio interface for recording with the comp (Something with at least 6-8 inputs would be best), always interested in groovy pedals, but feel free to make an offer of whatever...Thanks.


    Also, please respond via email...cause after the change over HCF has just made...I dunno how often I'll be checking back here. edward@experimentsinlowfidelityDOTcom

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