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PPG 1020 Synthesizer one of 150 ever made !


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  • PPG 1020 Synthesizer one of 150 ever made !

    i am selling an ultra rare PPG 1020 synthesizer. maybe 40 of this are alive, only 150 were ever made.

    i am in Berlin , germany so if you have friends here they are welcome to come by and check it out. it works flawlessly and looks great. mail me for pictures. i am asking 3000 usd. not cheap, but this is a very special synth (grandfather of PPG WAVE / Waldorf Microwave / Wavetable synthesis) and almost impossible to find. mail to:   klangstrom(at)freenet(dot)de.    if you love hard Kratwerk type of synth sounds then this is your synth check  the ppg 1020 audio examples on the "aliens project" page.