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Custom Speaker setup for Keyboard player - $425


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  • Custom Speaker setup for Keyboard player - $425

    This set of speaker cabinets was designed to get stereo effects projected from a stage, and to double as a bench for a digital Keyboard set-up. Two poles fit into it, and mid-range speakers can be mounted on the poles. It is ideal for keyboard players who want to fit onto a small stage and yet project the sound out to both their own ears, the bands, and the audience. No monitor speaker required ! The mid-range speakers have woven kevlar cones, the same stuff used to make bullet-proof vests ! They can deliver 100Watts by themselves. With them right next to you, and the woofers right under you, you will ALWAYS be able to hear yourself on stage, even if you are playing a soft background organ part. AND, the whole thing fits snugly in the back of a hatch-back, along with your keyboard. What could be more elegant?
    Bring a stereo power amp and a tuner or CD player, and I will demonstrate it.

    Inside it has a 3-way crossover consisting of enormous paper capacitors and huge coils, like the Hi-Fi aficionados use! It's a second-order Butterworth Corssover, for those audio geeks out there. Gives an amazingly clear sound. I have not seen a PA this compact able to deliver that clean a sound before.
    You would easily pay $800 for any speaker system that comes close to this sound, and it would not be so close to you !  Located in Berkeley, California ( SF bay area)  to purchase, call 209 seven two zero 62 55.

    whole setup.jpgbottom cabinet.jpg


    side-connectors.jpg  insigina mid-connex.jpg


    Insignia Mids.jpg


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