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1968 Vox Saturn IV Bass Guitar All Original *Price Drop*


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  • 1968 Vox Saturn IV Bass Guitar All Original *Price Drop*

    2nd Price Drop!

    $1500 + shipping OBO, $1400 + shipping OBO  $1300 + shipping or best offer

     photo photo_zps71b10185.jpg photo photo1_zps26e7b01c.jpgSerial # 400865.

    Condition: Excellent. Very clean for an instrument this old. It does NOT have any of the long cracking in the finish that is typically seen with these Vox instruments. It does have a few cosmetic dings/chips in the finish.

    PLEASE NOTE: This sale does not include an original hardshell case. I will take exceptional care in packing to make sure that it arrives safe and sound. There are several hardshell molded cases on the market currently that will fit the Vox Saturn IV. The RoadRunner and Gator cases are both fantastic.

    This is a very rare piece, especially given it's condition. Vox only manufactured these for one year. For those familiar with Vox basses from this era, you'll notice that it is very similar to the Apollo IV. However, there are some crucial differences:

    First and foremost, it does not have the active tone/effects/tuner circuit and corresponding control plate. This means that there is no 9v battery and no cavity cut in the back in order to gain access to it. As a result, the Saturn is considerably lighter and more acoustically resonant than the Apollo, and consequently sounds much more "hollow" coming through the amplifier. It also has a slightly different trapezoidal tailpiece which is fully suspended from the top of the body, whereas the Apollo required felt buffers to keep the tailpiece from vibrating against the body. It is likely that this also adds to the overall resonance of the instrument as well. In general, one gets the sense with the Saturn IV that Vox was making a concerted effort to "improve" or "tweak" the preexisting Apollo design, realizing that nobody was really going to use the onboard effects anyways.

    I would encourage folks unfamiliar to check out the Vox Showroom website for more info on this item. You'll notice that the Saturn IV they have pictured is missing the pickguard.

    I'm also happy to supply more detailed photos upon request. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I have tons of positive feedback on both eBay and talkbass.com for those concerned.

    Thanks for looking!

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