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Christmas bass sale - Dean Pace, fretless, and Ibanez BTB575

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  • Christmas bass sale - Dean Pace, fretless, and Ibanez BTB575

    So I need some money for the holidays. I have a few basses for sale.

    Dean Fretless
    Here is a bass that needs a little work, a five sting fretless Dean bass. I won this one on ebay thinking I would start playing fretless. The neck is in good shape. It plays similar to my Ibanez SR basses, pretty narrow. The previous owner added EMG pickups and tone controls which sound pretty good. It has a transparent gray wood grain finish.

    Now for the issues. The bass came with the some of the oldest strings I have seen on a bass. I might have a set of D'Addario XL to go with it. The bridge is bent at the bottom lifting up from the body. It does not to appear to be pulling or coming off but this does effect the action some. With a new  bridge I think the action could get really low.

    There is also a nice Fender hardshell case that comes with the bass.

    I really could use $175 plus shipping


    Links to more pictures.


    Here is a five string Dean Pace bass. Their version of an electric upright. I get stopped any time I take this bass out to play. You can get a nice pizzicato sound. You can slap it and get a great rockabilly sound as well. Comes with the stand and original case. All are in good order. Also have a five string set of chromes to go with it.

    Now for the modifications. Originally these basses were passive with only a volume control. I added a basic two band acoustic preamp from artec to buffer the pickup better. Controls are on the back and do not get in the way. I used the battery cavity that Dean left in the basses when the wear designed for active.



    Links to more images

    I would like $375 plus shipping

    Ibanez BTB575MFM

    I first bought this one for the looks.  Looks even better with some DR Neon Orange strings on it. It has 5pc Maple/ Bubinga neck through the body.  The body is Mahogany with a flamed Maple top.  The fretboard is birdseye maple with binding. It has the Mono-Rail II bridge. It has the stock MK-2 bart pickups and stock preamp.

    There is a blemish on the fretboard almost looks like a sharpy mark. It might polish out.  I have not tried.  I play pretty light so the strings might be low. There is a high fret which can buzz a little.  A good setup might work this out.  Neck is straight and the strings are fairly new set of DR Sunbeams.


    Links to more images.

    I would like $400 plus shipping.


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    Also open to trades and other offers.


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      Still looking for a home for these basses.