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FS: Digitech Jamman Stereo (modded), Akai Headrush E2, Line 6, Wampler Clone

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  • FS: Digitech Jamman Stereo (modded), Akai Headrush E2, Line 6, Wampler Clone

    Jamman - I came up with a mod to allow for one to save new loops on the fly without having to kneel down and do it with the buttons. I love looping and I found this mod allows for a lot of quick creativity to flow - both just sitting down and writing, but also playing with a drummer (which is what I do).

    You can record a new loop, and save it to a bank while the loop is playing, using the external footswitch. The footswitch is just a clone of the Digitech FSX-3 footswitch, and works as it should, controlling the 3 stock parameters: Reverse, quick Undo/Redo, and Time stretch. However, I installed a toggle switch on the back of the Jamman that engages the Loop Saving ability and changes the behavior of the external switch.

    When the switch is engaged, you loose the ability to time stretch and do quick Undo/Redo, but you're able to save loops with one switch, and then trigger Reverse with the other. Do to how the mod works, it wasn't possible to retain all the stock functions when the mod is engaged.

    I also installed new footswitches on the Jamman. Those are "soft-touch," low profile momentary footswitches that feel better than the stock.

    Pedal comes with power adapter, FSX-3 footswitch clone, and short TRS patch cable.

    $195 shipped

    Akai Headrush E2 - Works great, good shape. Comes with box and adapter. $140

    Wampler Faux Reverb clone - built by me. Runs on 9v adapter only. Top mounted jacks. $100

    Line 6 Echo Park - Modded, I added a 1/8'' stereo jack to allow for bypass and tap tempo via the remote switch I also built. Stock bypass switches still work, so you can use it with or without the remote switch. $100

    NO TRADES. Thanks.

    ***Faux reverb is the black 3 yellow knobbed pedal in the second to last pic.***