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Boss & Ibanez pedals (added Boss CE-2B)


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  • Boss & Ibanez pedals (added Boss CE-2B)

    Add $6 shipping whether you buy 1 or all of the pedals below. Would prefer money order or paypal gift, but I'll do paypal normal if you'll add $3 to cover the fee:

    - Ibanez TS9 in the box with manual, not a nick on it! $60

    - Ibanez SML black label MIJ all original with vintage JRC4558D chip in excellent shape with just a few nicks: $50

    - Ibanez BP10 vintage MIJ with 6-digit black label bottom in its original box, plays 100% and just a few MINOR nicks: $45

    - Boss CE-2B vintage green label (fully intact). Pedals works 100%, just has some minor nicks: $50 - Boss OC3 with a few minor nicks: $50

    - Boss CE2 MIJ green label with nicks & scratches but works 100%. MIJ bottom green label fully intact without velcro and MIJ battery tray sticker serial # 762600: $95

    - Boss RV5 with minor nicks: $80 - BF3 with minor nicks: $40

    - Boss DD7 with minor nicks: $90

    - Boss TU2 with minor nicks: $45

    - Boss PH3 with minor nicks: $40

    - Boss DF2 MIJ has nicking but works 100%: $60

    - I can give anyone who buys a pedal any 1 of these free items:

    -- free converter accepts an earplug pin in & converts it to 1/4" plug

    -- acoustic guitar strap

    --Ernie ball electric guitar strap (an inch on each end has been cut off so you'll need to cut a new "slit" on each end to fit over the guitar buttons)

    -- I have a $100 card voucher ($100 off of a $160 or more purchase) that a friend gave me. It looks legit & I went to their website & typed in the code & password on the card and it logs me on and says it will give me $100 off a $160 purchase, so I THINK it is legit. I'll pass it on for free to whoever buys a pedal above and claims it (like I said, I THINK it is legit, but I could be wrong, so please only buy a pedal if you really want that pedal & if the voucher would be a nice surprise benny if you get it & it turns out to be for real!).

    - Fulltone 9v ac adapter

    Extra 9v batteries: $1 each
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