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ART SGE MACH II 2 Digital Effects Pitch Transposer Midi


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  • ART SGE MACH II 2 Digital Effects Pitch Transposer Midi

    Up for sale a hard to find, made in the USA, unique sounding " ART SGE MACH II " Digital Super-Effector/Pitch Transposer/Sampler, with clean original owner's manual (hard to find), all original packaging, & power cord. Unit is in great working condition & all the lights,switches,sliders,LCD screen,connectors,etc work correctly. Unit is designed to be used in a rack system & does not have an individual power switch. In a single rack unit all the best digital effects together with the most useful analog effects, customize your own effect simply by selecting individual effects and linking them together. =>12 studio effects at once. =>Over 70 different effects to choose from.=> Over two full octaves of pitch transposing. =>200 memory locations.=> Real time performance Midi. =>Studio preset of the finest guitar sounds. =>Studio sampling(two full seconds,auto,manual), =>Midi triggering. =>12 killer distortion & overdrives.=> Full programmability of parameters. =>24 different reverb algorithems. =>Over 20 differemt types of delay.=> Random chain of effects. =>Programmable Equilizer.=> Harmonic Exciter. =>Noise Gate.=> Expander.=> Peak Limiter. =>Compressor. =>Envelope Filter. =>Turbo Drive. =>Distortion. =>Arpeggiated Flange. =>Rotating Leslies. =>Stereo Echoes(two full seconds). =>Stereo Panner/Imager. =>......................

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    Does the price include paypal? shipping?

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      ill do paypal free but $18 shipping


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        more pics, its in great shape as you can see


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          original shipping container and boxes too