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FS: Ibanez AD202 analog delay


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  • FS: Ibanez AD202 analog delay

    One Ibanez AD202 analog delay for sale.

    Works great! This was modded to have a rear input and output jack.

    Not the prettiest thing on the dance floor, but I haven't seen too many of these that are, to be honest. The metal of the face plate is somewhat thin and not protected at the ears, so both ears are ever-so-slightly malformed. There is rack-rash and some chips and scratches. See the pictures below.

    I've had this for several years now. I rescued it from a dive bar where it was part of the house "system" - it lead a rough life. I gave it the TLC it deserved, although I don't recall exactly what that was. In nearly all cases with my gear the power supply gets re-capped and other components checked. I put in the rear in and out jacks at that time, too.

    The AD202 has properly earned its reputation - it does the analog delay thing very well.

    USA only, please. Paypal is highly preferred.

    $250 plus shipping.

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