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FS/FT: Ultra-Man by Metal Pedals


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  • FS/FT: Ultra-Man by Metal Pedals

    Here is a boutique distortion pedal, handmade and all gooped up on the inside. Has a volume knob for level, unity at 90, att controls the amount of compression, low mid and hi adjust the eq and are very effective and interactive, sin/hum switch adjusts the amount of gain and thickness. The distortion amount is set for lots of gain, but is very sensitive to the guitar volume knob, allowing a person to go from clean to JCM800 to modded Marshall breakup.

    Asking $75 shipped n pp'd, or looking for a Tone Zone bridge, Air Norton neck for an Ibanez RG2550e.

    Also have an SD-1 modded with an led for more volume, tastier breakup...
    And a TS-5 all stock. Switch takes a few kicks to wakeup.
    The 1x12 is also for sale, but I don't feel like shipping. $125 local.

    - Bobby -
    Gibson Les Paul Classic
    G&L Legacy
    67 Fender Dual Showman 2x15