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FS-Visual Sound Comp 66 and Hardwire CM-2


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  • FS-Visual Sound Comp 66 and Hardwire CM-2

    Looking to sell these. Both are in like-new condition, and will include the original box.

    Hardwire CM-2 tube overdrive-Awesome pedal, essentially a Tubescreamer clone, but with some extra bells and whistles. It has a 2 band EQ (Low and high), a switch to go between vintage and modern sound, and on top of that, this pedal is built like a tank.

    Visual Sound Comp 66-After trying out every compressor I could get my hands on, this one beat out all the others. Tons of different sounds you can get (From a subtle compression to an all-out squash), a gain knob so you can use it as a clean boost, and it is without a doubt the most durable pedal I've ever used. (There are videos of the dual pedal version being run over by a van and not getting a scratch). The only reason I'm selling this is to move up to the dual pedal version.

    I'm asking $70 shipped each OBO, I can work out a deal if you buy both. Only trades I'm interested in would be going towards a 2x12 or 4x12 cab. I will get pictures of these up ASAP. Leave a comment here with any questions, otherwise e-mail me at, thanks!