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FS: (Broken?) Timmy Clone


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  • FS: (Broken?) Timmy Clone

    I have a broken Timmy V2 clone I'll get rid of fairly cheap. I'm not exactly sure whats wrong with it. It'll work for a few minutes, or sometimes much longer, then the volume will spike up and down or cut out and completely thin the entire pedal chain, even when the pedal is off. I'm not sure how to fix this, and I already have a real timmy on board, so I never bothered trying to fix it. I can't get a picture of a gutshots unfortunately because the person who built it screwed the drills really hard and I don't have the right tools at home without stripping it. If you know how to work with pedals this should not at all be hard to fix. When it is working, however, it sounds exactly like a really timmy and sounds wonderful. I was using it to stack my real timmy until it started acting up.

    50$ including shipping. I'd consider trades too, what you got!?

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