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Memorial Day Sale - A ton of high end equipment - Strymon, JHS, Diamond, EHX, Cusack


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  • Memorial Day Sale - A ton of high end equipment - Strymon, JHS, Diamond, EHX, Cusack

    I'm shrinking my rig and going with a smaller setup. All pedal prices include shipping. Shipping on the pedal board, amps, and guitars will be figured out with the purchaser. All pedals have been used in a worship setting at church and at home. All have velcro and are in great condition unless noted. All prices are OBO.

    JHS Morning Glory V3 - $SOLD
    VFE Killer Rabbit - $175. This is an 808 and Rat in a custom double enclosure. The rat switch is loud and I talked to the builder. He said it was a design flaw in the early Killer Rabbits. It's a free fix. I just didn't mind it so I never sent it in.
    Mad Professor Little Green Wonder Clone - $75. Built by
    Wampler Signdrive clone - $75 built by
    Monsterpiece Fuzz MK II - $125. Comparable to the DAM.

    Strymon Timeline - $400. The power supply is a little buggy. I've been powering it off my Ciocks no problem. I will include USB to Midi Cable.
    Strymon El Capistan - $275
    Diamond Memory Lane JR V2- SOLD
    DMC3XL Midi Controller for Timeleine - $150

    Diamond Compressor in Custom Shop Gold Color - SOLD
    Electro Harmonix Micro Pog - $140. Some scratches on face. Works great.
    Neunaber Wet Reverb V3 - $155
    Cusack Tap A Whirl V 2.2 - SOLD
    JHS Mod Ernie Ball Volume Pedal - $100
    Cioks DC10 - $190
    Radial SGI - $150
    GGG Reverb - $40 Sounds like a Hermida reverb
    Trailer Trash Pro Series with Hard Case 28x16 - $150

    Vox AC15C1 with Red Fang Speaker and JJ Tubes - $500. The previous owner did some damage to the screw heads. They are almost stripped on the back. Not a big deal, but if you take them off a few more times you might need to replace them.

    Gretsch 5120 w/ Upgrades and Case- $600
    Has compton bridge and GFS liverpool pickups. Sounds great. Comes with nice hardshell case. There is some buckle rash on the back. I removed the pickgaurd, but it comes with it.

    Squier Classic Vibe Tele w/ Bill Lawrence Pickups and gig bag - $250
    Cool butterscotch color. It's the older ones with the better grain. I put some Bill lawerence Keystone pickups in it. Sounds great. My kid recently let this slip about 6 inches and hit the floor. So there is a small chip in it. I reduced the price to reflect the condition.

    Eiphone Nighthawk - $275
    About 6 months old. This is my #1 guitar even though it's a "budget" guitar.

    Here are the hi res pictures -

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    PM sent


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      If only I hadn't ordered that exact DMC3XL a week ago
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        Is the diamond comp still available? If so I'll take it.


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          Bump. I was out of commission for a month, but now I'm back and need to move this stuff.


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            Payment sent for gold diamond comp, thanks!


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              PM sent


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