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  • TIM Overdrive - As NIB

    SOLD - Thanks Tim...gee Tim bought my Tim

    Since I'm on medical leave from work, I need to covert some gear to cash, so here's the best effect pedal I have...

    The TIM Overdrive pedal by Paul Cochrane. Called by many the 'holy grail' of overdrives, it does what other overdrives do reacts differently with each guitar and amp to produce the naturally overdriven tone that they produce naturally. Here's a quick review:

    "The Tim pedal, handbuilt to order by gear genius Paul Cochrane, is what I think to be a very original idea. Or at least the first pedal to put it into practice this well. It's a low to mid gain overdrive pedal, but it's unique in that it pushes each amp into its own natural overdrive. It sounds like your amp. It sounds like your guitar. It's your clean tone, just overdriven. The circuit is such that it integrates with your tone. You turn it on, and it overdrives the clean tone of your guitar and your amp that you've worked so hard on. And it pushes your amp into its own gain, almost like you turned up the gain knob. Not quite, and it is still an overdrive pedal which lends its own flavor. There's no getting away from that. But for the most part, it sounds like your amp's overdrive, and sounds quite different on each individual amp."

    This pedal is usually on backorder new and overpriced when seen on eBay and other resellers ($250-$320). I'm asking what I paid for it, $175 plus shipping. It's in excellent condition with only a small nick on the front that you have to hunt to find.

    Will take PayPal or Money order only on trades please. This is also for sale locally, so this will likely not last long. For quicker contact, use my e-mail address of


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